27 December 2010

Flame Retardant on Adult Pajamas?

Apparently. My mom bought me two new sets of PJ's from Pajamagram this Christmas, and both smelled suspiciously chemical. I decided not to wash them right away, but did wear one set for about half an hour one afternoon. After that, my skin was really itchy the rest of the day. Not cool. I can't sleep in something that makes me itch!

So I returned them. I am really bummed. They actually fit (unusual for my body-type), plus they were super cute and sek.sie. I called the company and asked if the chemical stuff would wash out, but they said, no, the PJ's are treated with flame retardant. WTF? I know that legally they have to put the stuff on kids cotton sleepwear, but adults? Yuck! Plus, if it makes me itch within minutes of putting it on, why would someone want to dress a child (who presumably has more sensitive skin than an adult) in the stuff?

Although I understand the reasons why the flammability of children's sleepwear is a concern, I was also raised to believe that fire safety was more about not leaving candles (or cigarettes) burning at night. Flame retardant PJ's are basically a last defense. I also get why kids need them--they are more likely to have a hard time getting out in case of fire than adults. My issue is with this company's decision to put flame retardant on adult PJ's, but not mention (at least not in any obvious place) on their web site that the garments are treated with flame retardant, or that this chemical treatment may cause itching.

Bottom line, if you are looking for comfortable, cotton PJ's because you have sensitive skin and can't tolerate synthetics, avoid Pajamagram. Flame-retardant-treated cotton is probably worse than untreated synthetics.

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